Ø  Security Audits.
Ø  Risk Reviews.
Ø  CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) Reviews and Audit.
Ø  Tender Documentations and Specification Preparation.
Ø  Tender Process Management.
Ø  Inspections, Commissioning and Auditing of Systems.
Ø  Contract Management.
Ø  Security Policy and Procedures Preparation.
Ø  Feasibility Studies.
Ø  Design of Solutions and Systems.
Ø  Contract Delivery Audit.
Ø  Integrity Testing of Systems and Manned Services.
Ø  Surveillance (Mobile and Static Specialist).
Ø  Investigation Support Services.
Ø  Private Investigation.
Ø  Covert Operations.
Ø  Training.
Ø  Auditing of Physical/Electronic Security Systems.
Ø  Manned Services Contract Audit.
Ø  Maintenance Contract Management and Audit

Sectors we Operate in Mainly are:
Ø  Education.
Ø  Local Government.
Ø  Financial Institutions.
Ø  Transportation.
Ø  Infrastructure.
Ø  Corporate.
Ø  Industrial.